Case Study:

An immune system for cloud security

As organizations increase their digital capabilities across hybrid, multi-cloud and IoT environments, they’re faced with more areas to protect and control.

Darktrace Cyber AI_ An Immune System for Cloud Security


As organizations increasingly rely on cloud and SaaS services to streamline business practices and supercharge innovation, the familiar paradigm of the network perimeter has rapidly dissolved, leaving a porous and ever-changing digital estate in its wake.

While the benefits of cloud computing will ensure that business transformation continues apace, this also means more opportunities for criminals to damage operational reliability, undertake new types of crimes, and directly affect the running of a business.

What we need is an immune system that incorporating self-learning technologies that can move at the speed of digital business and spot subtle threats at an early stage, and a single security platform that can correlate activity across diverse digital systems in a unified view and in real time – as demonstrated in these case studies.

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