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21st June - 5th August

Cybersecurity solution providers and integrators are invited to nominate themselves or their partners in 1-3 of the 16 listed categories.

10th Aug - 19th August

Panel of editors and advisors will vet every nomination submitted, and qualify them as finalists for voting in each award category.

25th Aug - 30th Sept

Online voting to begin.

5th Oct - 27th Oct

Award winners will be confidentially notified to prep for the Awards Ceremony.

31st Oct - 22nd Nov

Preparation for virtual fireside cyber threat discussion event.

23rd Nov | 10:30am

Virtual fireside cyber threat discussion event to go live on


2022 marks the third year of the regional CybersecAsia Readers’ Choice Awards, our industry-leading cybersecurity awards program that targets hundreds of CISOs, technology heads and cybersecurity practitioners in end-user organizations to vote online for the cybersecurity solution and service providers that have made the most impact on their organizations in the course of the last 12 months.

This is the only regional Editors’ and CISOs’ Choice Awards program for this large and growing
market, backed by Asia’s most trusted source of cybersecurity information – CybersecAsia.Net.



Since it’s the third anniversary of the annual Awards, which has gained increasing prestige and credibility across the region year-on-year, we are also honoring cybersecurity leaders and innovators who have won a CybersecAsia award every year in the last three years a deservedly special recognition with the Hall of Fame Awards.

So, put forth your best nominations this year – if you’ve won an award in the past two years – to be considered in this especially prestigious Award!

Following last year’s successful and especially meaningful Rising Star Awards, this year we will continue to recognize and honor newer innovative providers that have recently set their sights on the Asia Pacific cybersecurity market with customer-centric solutions and services that are expected to be great partners for end-user organizations.

This is a great opportunity to make your brand-name known in the highly important and fast-growing Asia Pacific cybersecurity market!

2022 Readers’ Choice Award Categories

The solution providers and vendors with the most votes in each category will be declared the winner.



    • Not every category will be awarded, and we reserve the right not to award them if no clear winner emerges from the judging.

    • In the event of a tie in scores, joint winners will be awarded.

    • The organizer’s decision on the winners will be final.


Each organization can submit up to a total of three (3) nominations, in 1-3 Award categories.

Nominations from solution providers and vendors will be shortlisted by our internal panel of editors and advisors and put up online for CybersecAsia.Net’s readers to vote. The finalist with the most votes in each category will be declared the winner.

Nominees will be shortlisted based on the following criteria, which would be detailed in the Nomination Form:

Innovative features of security-related solutions or services that meet enterprise needs and demands in Asia Pacific

Reputation of provider and/or brand

Widespread acceptance of the technology, tool or technique used

Asia Pacific enterprise users’ feedback on the ease of use, TCO and/or ROI of the solution/deployment


Readers are invited to choose the top 2 nominees for each Award category. If you don’t use the technology yet, give a vote to those technology providers that you believe are leading the pack.

N.B. Votes from vendors will be excluded from the final count. Instead, vendors should encourage their customers to vote for them!

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