Secure the Application Journey Towards Digital Acceleration

Learn the cyber threat predictions in 2023 in this annual perspective by FortiGuard Labs.

In 2022, the FortiGuard Labs’ cyber threat predictions include the rise of advanced persistent cybercrime, edge attacks going mainstream, digital wallet heists, and increase ransomware and wiper malware, and weaponizing AI to support malicious activities, such as thwarting the algorithms and mimicking human behavior.

The new attack trends that APAC companies must watch out for in 2023 include new Crime-as-a-Service (CaaS) offerings, which make an attractive business model for threat actors, alongside more advanced attack tactics for unnoticed, long-term effects and paydays.


Emerging technologies and virtual cities through the metaverse and the Web3 also open the door to a new wave of cybercrime, wherein cyberattackers can steal and resell virtual goods and assets with longer-term threat impacts over the coming years. 

This whitepaper comprehensively discusses the top cyber threat predictions in 2023 that APAC business leaders must be aware of to make more intelligent decisions about securing cybersecurity in the new year.