Post-Pandemic APAC Digital Transformation and OT Cyber Security

All you need to know about digital transformation and OT cybersecurity in Asia in the post-pandemic era . The Covid-19 pandemic significantly accelerated digital transformation, prompting businesses to immediately set up IT infrastructures with huge impacts on the operational technology (OT) environment, allowing employees to work from home and equipment vendors to connect to the network to sustain production remotely. In the post-pandemic, APAC businesses have more fluid and distributed networks, which require greater protection of company information and digital assets against cybersecurity threats as cyber attackers take advantage of expanding digital networks.

APAC companies must secure operational technology by deploying multiple security controls in accordance with a risk management model, which includes network segmentation, secure remote access and endpoint protection, deception technology, AI, machine learning, and more. 

This whitepaper explains the key digital transformation industry trends in Asia, the critical challenges of securing OT infrastructure, and focus areas to build cyber resilience to help you make a more informed cybersecurity decision for your company.