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Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you out!

1. What is special about this year’s cybersecurity awards?

For this year’s awards, CybersecAsia team has revamped this virtual event to focus more on connecting our cybersecurity readership and vendor nominees through a number of key highlights. Some of the key highlights are:

    1. Reader’s choice awards – voting by our cybersecurity audience in APAC!
    2. Virtual Fireside Chat on cybersecurity threats and trends 2021-2022 in Nov for key winner sponsors!
    3. Lucky Draw branding sponsorship for registered voters!
    4. Rising Star awards to recognize up-and-coming cybersecurity vendors in the APAC region!
2. Could you tell me more about CybersecAsia Virtual fireside chat discussion?

– Following the success of last year’s awards, we would like to raise the interactivity of our cybersecurity audience with award winners in more meaningful channels. Hence CybersecAsia will be conducting this virtual fireside chat with 3-5 sponsored panellists whom are winners of this year’s awards.

Some of the key topic for discussions are:

  • What have been the most significant cyber-threats to organizations in Asia Pacific in 2021?
  • What were some key developments among governments, cybersecurity solution/service industry, and end-user organizations in the region worth noting?
  • As we approach 2022, how do you foresee the cyber-threat landscape evolving, and what would be some major threats and risks organizations should expect?
  • How should we be preparing for these possibilities in 2022 and beyond?

For more information and interest on being a sponsored panelist, please click here.

3. How are the award categories crafted for this digital event?

– Award categories are researched by the editorial team of CybersecAsia, and based on our interactions with analysts, industry watchers, vendors and end-user organizations familiar with the Asia Pacific market.

4. How many awards are there for this event?

– There are a total of 20 award categories for established cybersecurity vendors in APAC. Additionally we are introducing 1-3 rising stars awards to recognize upcoming cybersecurity vendors who are on the rise in the APAC market. Please click here for more information on the awards.

 – The organizers reserve the right to not award one or more categories, if they deem the submissions in any category or the number of votes not to have met the minimum requirements. Such requirements will be at the organizers’ sole discretion.

5. What are the type of sponsorship level available for this digital event?

– For this year edition of CybersecAsia Awards, we have curated 5 sponsorship levels with option for sponsored participation in the virtual CybersecAsia fireside chat event.

– Reach out to us for more details pertaining to each level of sponsorship by clicking here.

6. What are the other activities that CybersecAsia conduct beyond than award sponsorship?

– CybersecAsia is a leading enterprise cybersecurity information portal which covers 10 English speaking countries across APAC. With a first party opt in readership database of more than 60,000 organization subscribed to CybersecAsia, there are numerous opportunities for your marketing initiatives such as advertising and demand generation activities to be conducted on our CybersecAsia platform.

– Speak to us today to receive a carefully crafted recommendation for your demand generation/marketing objectives.

7. How will the nominees be selected as a winner?

– This year, our industry-leading Readers’ Choice Awards program targets hundreds of CISOs, technology heads and cybersecurity practitioners in end-user organizations to vote online for the cybersecurity solution and service providers that have made the most impact on their organizations in the course of the last 12 months.

  • Voters will be required to register on the award portal to be eligible to vote and lucky draw.
  • Voters will have to choose the top 2 for each cybersecurity category that have made the most impact on their organization in the last 12 months. If they don’t use the technology yet, they can give a vote to those technology providers that they believe are leading the pack.
8. Are there any criteria to be qualified as a registered voter for this event?
  • The interested voter must be an IT end user
  • The interested voter must register on the voting portal with full contact information provided and a valid email address.
  • The interested voter must not be from a solution/service providers.

The organizers reserve the right to not recognize the voter as qualified if any of the criteria are not adhered to.

9. What steps are taken by CybersecAsia to attract voters for this award?

CybersecAsia will actively promote this event to our readership base through the following marketing activities:

  • Weekly eNewsletter promotion
  • Event themed EDM
  • Dedicated banner ad slot for event promotion
  • Social media postings
  • Latest update for new sponsor shoutout or key takeaway.

Incentivizing qualified voters by drawing 10 winners at random to receive a US$50 Amazon voucher each. Winners will be notified through email at the end of October 2021.

10. Is there a fee for any nomination submitted?

There are no fees required for any nomination submitted.

11. Where do I submit the nomination form?

All nomination submissions are to be send via this link.

A maximum of 3 submissions are allowed for the same company, irrespective of representatives.

12. How would I know if my nomination form has been accepted?

You will be notified with a confirmation email by Thinklogic’s Tech team whom will review every nomination form submitted.

13. When is the date for the announcement of all the finalists?

29th October 2021, 12pm

14. Since it is a digital event, do I get any physical memorandum as a winner of a respective category?

All winner of respective category will receive a frame certificate, mailed directly within two months from winner’s announcement. Thinklogic will get in touch to verify mailing address and other details before mailing.

15. What is the eligibility of nomination for CybersecAsia awards?

The nominee must be a provider of cybersecurity solutions and/or services in the Asia Pacific region with an established customer base.

16. What is the eligibility of nomination for CybersecAsia RCA rising star awards 2021?

– The nominee must be affiliated with Cybersecurity solutions/services and be able to demonstrate very promising and innovative solutions/services.

– The nominee cannot provide insights on all 4 criteria required for nomination in the vendor excellence categories, which are:

  • Brief description of solution/service
  • What security-related issues did your organization desire to address with this solution/service?
  • What technologies and/or innovations are applied/deployed in this solution/service (e.g. network analytics, blockchain, ai, ml, algorithms etc)
  • What industries and/or organizations in asia pacific have you deployed this solution/service? Please provide an example of what has been achieved with this deployment? (up to 200 words)
17. What information is expected from the 1 minute video of each respective award winners?

– In the recorded video, we would like you to invite a key spokeperson on behalf of the winning organization to do a 1 minute video touching on the following points:

  • Thank you message to CybersecAsia readers for their votes
  • Brief overview of key cybersecurity challenges to be addressed by their organization
  • How winner organization will continue to adapt and innovate to meet these challenges
18. If I would like to sponsor this event, who should I get in touch with?

Please drop us an email or click on this link to submit an enquiry form and we will get back to you asap.


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